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Payment plans

There are a variety of payment plans available to students. If you are currently enrolled, please log into ePayments and click on "Payment Plans" at the top of the page for payment amounts and specific due dates.

All students are required to enroll in a payment plan.

Traditional campus students

Four installment (per semester) plan

This plan allows students to make payments for each semester in four installments. There is a $29 late fee assessed to student accounts if the required payment is not made on the specified due date. If the semester is paid in full, the payment plan will default to a zero balance, avoiding any possible fees.

  • Fall payment due dates: July 31, Aug. 31, Sep. 30 and Oct. 31
  • Spring payment due dates: Dec. 18, Jan. 31, Feb. 28 and March 31

Financial aid fully funded plan

This plan allows students to enroll in a payment plan in which their account will be 100% paid by financial aid. This plan will show the entire balance due by a specific date, which will be near the end of the semester. However, the plan will be paid in full when financial aid is posted to the student account. No out-of-pocket payment should be due from the student. If financial aid is cancelled/reduced and no longer will cover 100%, payment would be due from the student by the listed due date.

VA benefit plan

This plan is for students enrolling in a 16-week semester who receive VA benefits. You will be required to schedule automatic payments made on the due date via electronic check or credit card.

Evening, online and nationwide students

If a student needs to pay educational expenses in installments, a deferred payment plan is required. Due dates and more detailed information for payment plans are available upon registration. Any payment not made by the due date is subject to a late payment charge of $29. All students not paying in full upon registration are required to sign a deferred payment contract through ePayment.


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